The free-trade agreement between Canada and Europe has been implemented



The free-trade agreement between Canada and Europe has been the subject of many discussions during the past months, but after numerous negotiations, over the past few years, the treaty went through and is in action since September 21st 2017.

We are witnessing a new era of commercial trade between the two banks of the Atlantic.

The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) is offering new opportunities to canadian businesses by reducing significantly the tariffs barriers. The importation and exportation of goods will be further in demand and we should benefit from it.

At Portfranc, we are firm believers that the critics (antidemocratic, not environmentally friendly, or only favorable for big corporations) raised over the CETA were wrong. We believe that this treaty, which abolishes custom rights, will benefit not only to craftsmen but to consumers as well, by allowing the best products to be more affordable.

Unlike many other canadian organizations that will take advantage of the new trade agreement to increase their profit margins, PortFranc stays faithful to its social and environmental commitments, and wants to advocate transparency towards its market. This free-trade agreement is the opportunity for us to offer better retail prices. We strongly believe that the CETA should be beneficial for all and thus have decided to reduce our prices, which is already in motion since the beginning of September.

According to official predictions, the trade should increase between 20% and 25% of exchanges between Canada and Europe. Convinced that it is urgent to operate the energetic transition, we wish to see this new chapter as the occasion to see emerging a green transatlantic commerce, without any greenhouse gas emission. By linking oil free, free-trade and honest pricing, we are determined to make PortFranc an exemplary organization in terms of social and environmental justice.






Clément Sabourinportfranc, prix