Rondinaud, Lowell, boutique Evelyne and all of our other partners have one point in common: encourage local craftsmen. And it is by embracing craftsmen from here that we prioritize slow fashion thus, minimizing the carbon footprint. While we prioritize social ethics and respect the environment, we also collaborate with brands that share those same values.. 

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We hear more often now about slow fashion, but what is it exactly? This concept came up to compete against fast fashion, which many major retail companies use. Their factories are in developing countries, and big "fast fashion" brands are taking advantage of this to underpay their employees, who have almost no labor standards to protect them. In opposition to having new collections twice a month, slow fashion offers new products twice a year. 

We are trying to reduce overconsumption which our society is guilty of, and we focus on the quality and the story that exist behind the product bought. The popularity of slow fashion continues to grow and this concept is gradually gaining ground, but it is still very difficult for small local craftsmen to fight against multinationals that offer pieces at reduced prices. 

PortFranc is proud to encourage slow fashion by collaborating with local creators to prove that it is possible to incorporate creativity and ethics, while minimizing the social and environmental impact. 
Clément Sabourin