It is 44 meters long and with its 15 members crew, it represents the beginning of a new era; an eco-friendly, greener and more responsible business.

After facing the challenging winds of the North Sea and the English Channel, the Avontuur arrived at the Old Port of La Rochelle,Thurday afternoon. During the morning it navigated along “Ile de Ré” and “Fort Boyard”.

The German schooner is currently in a stopover to load carefully selected cargo, handcrafted by artisans and winegrowers in love with their workmanship. These goods embody the best of French expertise and knowhow.

The sailing ship, chartered by our subsidiary Portfranc Logistics, is transporting our next collection of Rondinaud slipppers, Guy Cotten coats, jeans from “Atelier de la Venise Normande” and kitchenware from “La Manufacture de Digoin”. We are also shipping a large quantiy of Nicolas Feuillatte champagne for the SAQ in addition to French fabrics that will be used by the Cirque du Soleil to fabricate some of their costumes.

The departure of the Avontuur heading to Montreal, marks the opening of the first oil free trade path of the 21st century, between France and Canada. With the support of the Québec Government, Portfranc Logistics, will manage at least five crossings across the Atlantic by the end of 2019, thereby accelerating the energy transition of the maritime industry.

Beyond the oceans, our ambition at this specific moment is to offer a complete oil-free supply chain. This ship’s cargo was entirely transported by trucks powered with liquefied natural gas - fossil energy that is 50% cleaner than conventional gas.

Our partners,Tempo One, delivered the merchandise to the Elcidis warehouse, just a few steps away from the Old Port of La Rochelle. Our home port in France is a model in terms of sustainable mobility and it has had such local delivery services for more than 15 years. Thanks to the support of La Rochelles’s Mayor, the Marina (the biggest in Europe) and the surrounding community, we were able to transport the entire cargo by electric truck directly to the Shooner’s dock at “Bassin des Chalutiers”.

After this brief stopover, the Avontuur will return at sea Sunday, heading for Montreal.

Throughout this trip, experted to last at least 50 days, we will keep you informed regarding the the ship’s progress and we will take the opportunity to share the story of these exceptional products being shipped to Quebec.

Stay tuned and be posted !

The Portfranc team



Clément Sabourincarousel