Up and running!


Montreal 1st September 2015.

Port Franc started with orders from family and friends in Quebec. When they heard we would be passing through La Rochelle, the birthplace of the Rondinaud slipper, they’d ask, « If you have enough space, would you mind bringing us back a pair? ». Everyone wanted their own Rondinaud -- so much so that at times it would get a little embarrassing at Dorval customs. 

We had used to ask ourselves, “Why don’t North Americans wear slippers anymore?”. These repeated requests demonstrated that it wasn’t because they didn’t want to. The idea was born. Within a few months Port Franc was up and running; just in time for the long autumn evenings. With the demand for slippers fulfilled, we started accepting orders for other exceptional, artisanal products. The content of our chartered transatlantic containers became more varied: wall soaps sourced from the stunning alps, Corsican knives produced by a master knife maker who is as demanding as he is talented. 

At Port Franc, our product selection prioritizes quality, tradition and exclusivity. But we also aim to facilitate ethical trade; our products are both beautiful and sustainable.

To celebrate our launch, Port Franc is offering free home delivery for all orders made on portfranc.co until September 30th. Keep up with the latest arrivals by following us on Facebook and Instagram, and don’t hesitate to get in contact at info@portfranc.co.

We look forward to hearing from you soon,

The Port Franc team


Clément Sabourin