Slippers at the office


This has to be the most typical of Canadian rituals. You get to the office, take off your soaking wet, gravel encrusted shoes and leave them in the entrance hall. Then you slip on your warm, comfortable and dry work shoes whether they be your pumps, your well-worn Vans sneakers or your perfectly shinned brogues. From December to April, you repeat this routine day in day out, something that sometimes catches the uninitiated a little by surprise! 


At Urbania, in the heart of the Mont-Royal Plateau in Montreal, they have gone one step further in the comfort stakes and can be seen sliding on a pair of Rondinaud Charentaise slippers. Whether to work, meet with clients or brainstorm, the 20 employees of this magazine do it in their Charentaise. Each department has picked out their own models, Civray for Production, Calais for Production management and Chartes for the Artistic department. And this time there is no questioning if the shoe really does fit…




I am the proud owner of a pair of Port Franc slippers, which I love and have worn every day since they arrived in the office four months ago. They now feel like an extension of myself and I don’t ever want to be separated from them! Thank you so much!
— Rose-Aimée Morin, Editor-in-chief at Urbania


Photos: Simon Couturier


Les charentaises Rondinaud sur Port Franc

Clément Sabourin