Transatlantic arbitration


We connect North America with European craftsmen of artisanal, authentic and trustworthy products


Our business is transatlantic: we connect discerning North Americans with European craftsmen of fine artisanal products. The goods we offer are handcrafted ones; Old World products that epitomise ancient savoir-faire, and have not been corrupted by industrial revolutions or the whims of fashion.

Our customers are discerning, and so are we. We offer only the most authentic and trustworthy products. We deal only with manufacturers who have maintained their production in their geographical region of origin. 

And we act as a shop window for craftsmen who have yet to be discovered on the eastern side of the Atlantic: Port Franc is the exclusive importer of all the products that we sell.

The story of a Port Franc product is also the story of its manufacturer — the men and women who each preserve a unique savoir-faire. The goods that we ferry across the ocean carry with them centuries-old traditions of craftsmanship, and we feel privileged to offer them renewed life on American shores. 


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