Scented Wall Soap Lemon

Scented Wall Soap Lemon


This scented soap is manufactured on one side of Lake Geneva, following the traditional techniques of the master soapmakers of Marseilles. It is made solely from vegetable oils, with no chemical or animal ingredients, and has earned the organic Ecocert label from the Provendi laboratory.

These soaps are the product of the family-run Laboratoire Provendi, based in the Alpine region of Haute-Savoy in France. The founders, Marguerite and Arnold, invented the wall soap in 1950, and it quickly became the iconic “school soap,” which would accompany generations of French children. This rotating, 300-gram bar of soap would be fixed above enamelled sinks in schools across the country, as well as company workshops and hospital toilets.  

They can easily be installed on the wall, and they lather a creamy foam that disinfects and soothes the hands.

The wall soaps are available in either yellow, lemon-scented bars or white, almond-scented ones.

The Laboratoire Provendi has been awarded the the EPV label of excellence (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant : Living Heritage Company).

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