Midnight Blue vinegar maker

Midnight Blue vinegar maker


3 liters enamelled stoneware pot for vinegar making

Box tree tap and cork stopper

Made by hand in the Burgundy workshops of Manufacture de Digoin

Available in three colours: Mustard, Midnight Blue, and Grey Blue

In addition to being a vinegar maker, this container can also be used to store and serve water or lemonade. The unique stoneware features natural thermal properties keeping things cold or hot.

Each item is delivered with a step-by-step guide to making your own vinegar.

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History and easy recipe

Until not long ago, producing homemade vinegar was an incredibly common practice all over France. At the end of the 19th century, each family would pour their leftover alcohol (usually wine or cider) into a stoneware vessel like those of Manufacture de Digoin, which are fired at an incredibly high temperature. This material was crucial in the vinegar making process because of its unique airtight properties and incredible strength.

For the process of transforming your own wine or cider into vinegar you need to find a “mother”, this is an active combination of cultures and acidic bacteria, which will kick off the fermentation process. If you can’t find a genuine mother, you can use non-heat treated vinegar to start the fermentation process. Add your mother or mother substitute to your leftover wine and leave it to steep for around two months before extracting your own homemade vinegar. Keep adding to your homemade vinegar to top it up and ensure that no drop of wine is ever wasted again.

You can gently flavour your vinegar by adding ingredients like raspberries, tarragon, thyme, truffles, fresh nuts, and many more.