From advertising to pottery

In Digoin, along the canal that runs along the Loire River, the Manufacture de Digoin is one of the last witnesses to the industrial heritage of Burgundy.

Midnight Club
A long sailing trip

This video shines a light on the principles and values, a commitment to developing the greenest supply chain possible able to face up to the environmental challenges of our time.

Clément Sabourin
Hoist the sails!

This idea has been anchored in the back of our minds ever since the beginning of the Port Franc experience: to use a sailboat to transport our traditional, artisanal, European products to America

Clément Sabourin
The rebirth of Manufacture de Digoin

The production of stoneware and pottery at Digoin has always had a strong connection to the artisanal skills and family values of the business that was founded in 1875 on the banks of a Loire tributary.

Clément Sabourin
The Marinière

With its white and blues stripes and round collar, the eternally fashionable Marinière has been a wardrobe essential for both men and women for over a century.

Clément Sabourin
Slippers at the office

The 20 employees of this magazine do it in their Charentaise. Each department has picked out their own models, Civray for Production, Calais for Production management and Chartes for the Artistic department.

Clément Sabourin
The Guy Cotten wax jacket

For more than 50 years the little yellow man with outstretched arms has been watching over sailors. This iconic brand has stayed loyal to the motto of its founding father, Guy Cotten, "Anyone going overboard should be able to find their way back”.

Clément Sabourin
The Bastion knife maker

Nestled into one of the most beautiful bays in Corsica for over 30 years, Porto-Vecchio has been home to knife maker Jean-Pierre Barillet and his workshop the Bastion.

Clément Sabourin
Up and running!

Port Franc started with orders from family and friends in Quebec. When they heard we would be passing through La Rochelle, the birthplace of the Rondinaud slipper, they’d ask, « If you have enough space, would you mind bringing us back a pair? »

Clément Sabourin
Désaler à La Vérendrye

Le vin était à peine servi, le casse-croûte débutait, quand un long cri a retenti, accompagné d’un «plouf» lourd. Au milieu du lac, l’un des deux canots que nous avions croisés le matin même avant les rapides gisait renversé, ses occupants prenant un bain autour.

Clément Sabourin